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Course of Study

Course of Study

Grade - I to V :  All the languages like English,Hindi,Tamil will be given equal importance.
Grade VI onwards   :  From Grade VI, the child will be allowed to choose, either Hindi as second language and Tamil as third language or viceversa.
Mathematics    : From Grade I onwards.
EVS  : Grade I to II - Environmental science
Science  : From Grade III onwards - science.
SocialScience  : From Grade III onwards
ICT   : From Grade I onwards

GRADE XI - Subjects Available 
     Students can offer minimum five subjects. They need to continue the same subjects in class XII.
subjects we offer : English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Computer science, Accountancy, Business studies, Economics.
     Subjects of internal Assessment for all students : Work Experience, Health and Physical Education, General studies.       

Admission Open for Play School - XII for the Academic Year 2015-16.

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